Doing homework may not be the most enjoyable activity for some children, but it is critical for them to create habits and become responsible for learning. School tasks are part of the school learning process for children and young adults, and even in the adult life, it is crucial that parents help their children in the homework, spending a few minutes of the day to keep an eye on these tasks .

Homework, like everything taught in schools, has its value. They are a means for the teacher to analyze the learner’s understanding of a subject and to measure the learner’s learning. Therefore, helping children with homework does not mean doing the activities or quickly delivering all the answers when the child is in doubt.

If you still do not know how to best help your child with homework, read on and find out how planning, commitment and encouragement make a difference in learning!

Organize the routine

Choosing the right time and place to do the homework is the first step so that the children and parents can organize and maintain the routine.

The timetable can be decided by the child, the parents or both; everything will depend on the obligations of the children and the parents, but it is essential that the performance of the homework happens at a time when the parents are available to help the children.

The place where the child will perform the task also plays a key role so that the child understands the importance of performing the tasks and becomes responsible for fulfilling them. The most recommended is for the child to use a table, the kitchen, for example. Thus, the child has space to organize the materials and perform the tasks properly.

Monitor the child

Always stay close but do not press. At times when the child asks for help, ask her to reconsider the activity, the question, the reason she can not do it. Ask her to re-read what she asks for and help her organize the line of thought. Important: Never give answers without at least making the child try to understand what he is doing.

“Ih, but I do not know what to do either!” Calm down! It is normal for many parents not to guide their children on some issues. In such cases, it is critical that the child understands that this is normal and that it should lead the teacher to doubt in the next class.

Encourage your child

Showing interest and encouragement is critical for the child to understand that you are there to help, and to motivate them to do their homework and create autonomy during the process.

Attempts and mistakes are part of the learning process, and it is critical that the child understands this. Encourage her to do it again!

Maintain a good relationship with the teacher

A valuable tip for you to help your children with their homework in the best possible way is to always be in touch with the school. Attend meetings and meetings, keep an eye on the school agenda and application (if any).

It is not difficult to help your children with their homework, just a little organization and commitment. Parents are the mirror children have at home, so it is necessary to properly orient children and participate in their school life so that income and learning are not affected.

Now that you know how to help your child with the lesson, take the time to discover how motivation can help his school performance.

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Wheatley Taylor

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